David Steckel of Setter on not making assumptions and only focusing on what you need

David Steckel is the Cofounder of Setter, a technology enabled Home Service that takes care of all your home maintenance and repairs. Previously to starting Setter, David ran his own successful general contracting and development company and is an active volunteer in the Toronto Community. Looking back five/ten years, where did you think you’d be... Continue Reading →

Ron Glozman of Chisel on what you don’t know about AI and ferociously focusing on the top 5

Ron Glozman is the Founder and CEO of Chisel, an AI driven tool for data aggregation, extraction and concision that uses proprietary algorithms to extract important information from documents in seconds that would otherwise take hours to compile. Ron is a graduate of the NEXT36 business accelerator program and is an emerging authority on Artificial... Continue Reading →

Mike Pinkus of ConnectCPA on achieving success through patience and why you need to just take action

Mike Pinkus is the co-founder of ConnectCPA, a new age accounting firm that is on a mission to make accounting more human through designing solutions that allow for better, faster, and more streamlined business decisions every day. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mike worked as a Senior Associate for PricewaterhouseCoopers specializing in small and medium... Continue Reading →

Tyler MacDonald of Oxford Properties on navigating disruption in the Hotel industry and why business moves at the speed of trust

Tyler MacDonald is the VP of Hotels at Oxford Properties. Tyler is a veteran of the hotel business having previously spent time working internationally with Hilton International and as a member of PKF Consulting. As VP of Hotels, Tyler leads the asset management of Oxford’s Hotel Portfolio. He is a graduate from the University of... Continue Reading →

Jeff Waldman of VanHack and SocialHRCamp on owning it, controlling your destiny and how to prevent becoming invisible

Jeff Waldman is the VP, Evangelism & Strategy at VanHack and the founder of SocialHRCamp. With an extensive background in HR, Marketing and Technology, Jeff is an active community builder in the Toronto HR scene whose work focuses on all matters relating to Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Employer Branding and Diversity and Inclusion. Looking back ten... Continue Reading →

Zack Fisch-Rothbart of DashMD on raising a first round of funding and forgetting about the traditional career timeline

Zack Fisch-Rothbart is the CEO and Cofounder of DashMD, a platform that provides patients with tools and resources to help them better manage their recovery. Zack is an emerging leader in the Medical Technology space whose background includes experience in the worlds of law and business. Looking back five/ten years, where did you think you’d... Continue Reading →

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